See you soon at Lake Caldaro.

Private access to Lake Caldaro. A private lakeside property for adults only. Wonderful walls steeped in history given a breath of fresh air, surrounded in a new splendour. Only 12 rooms. Hosts Kat and Jan are always happy to facilitate wine tasting. Food served in the Panoramristorante Terrazza. Wine lounge with sauna. Unplug and feel like you're with friends. Welcome to the most stylish guesthouse in South Tyrol.

Antique farmhouse ornaments, modern comfort. All of that, 12 times over.


Boats, Trust-Bar,

Reasons to come over...


Private lakeside property with 24-hour access to the lake
(on the non-touristy side!)


Features included: breakfast, dinner, banqueting and lakeside dinners. 


Free pedal boat and boat hire (for breakfast, aperitif or digestif at the lakeside).


Only 12 rooms in an antique building. Recently renovated, with new bathrooms.


Lake view from the rooms, on the terrace during breakfast and dinner (viewtiful!)


This lakeside setting in the southern region of South Tyrol. This wonderful antique house.


A lakeside sauna. Double the fun with a cold beer.


Wine lounge with Finnish sauna in the house. Cosy spots with record player and yoga room.


Dinner, Vino.


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Kat & Jan

The Leuchtenburg is WOMAN MADE by Kat. She buzzes around the house all day, and as hostess extraordinaire she lovingly looks after the guests who come to her guesthouse. And then there’s Jan – a dependable everyman, always available for a deep and meaningful conversation.